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Are Space Heaters Safe to Use in an Office?

Space heaters are a major cause of workplace fires that have resulted in structural damage, injuries, and even death.

It is better to NOT use a space heater, but if it’s necessary, keep these safety tips in mind:

  1. Do NOT use extension cords or power strips with a space heater. Plug the space heater directly into the wall outlet.

  2. Keep the space heater away from any combustible materials.

  3. Always turn the space heater OFF when the area being heated is not occupied.

  4. Never place anything on top of or directly in front of the heater.

  5. Purchase heaters with a tip-over automatic shutdown feature.

  6. Avoid purchasing used heaters. You don’t know how they’ve been taken care of.

Inform office staff and employees about the fire hazards of using space heaters. You may even want to display this safety alert from the CPSC.

It's better to not use a space heater, but if you must at least plug it directly into the wall and not an extension cord.


When you need someone to install a new electrical wall outlet so that your space heater can reach the area you want heated, make sure you hire a professional electrician. Hire a licensed electrician from Chambers Electric. Call (806) 373-2600 today!



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